Halal in the Bedroom

At the Intersection of Islam and Sexuality


The Western World has become mostly aware of the existence of the dietary considerations and restrictions that Muslims adhere to and call the inclusive foods and culinary practices “Halal.” But halal is an Arabic word that simpy means permissible, and there is a lot more to what goes and what doesn’t in Islam than what you eat. What of the romantically aspirant Muslim couple’s bedroom life?

There are precious few taboos with regards to sexuality in Islam. So few, they can be counted on the fingers of a single hand:

Another big rift between the existing world of Islamic sexual gratification and its Western counterpart: the packaging. You know the saying “sex sells?” Have you looked at the packaging of a sex toy lately? Debasing.

Objectifying. Wanton and Crude. The Western world want us to leave sapience at the door and give into our primal urges. To sell us on the unsavory and fallacious pretext that sex should be something “dirty,” “naughty,” or “sinful.”

Whilst in Islam it’s all about fun. Pleasure. Enjoyment. Romance. We at Halal Bedroom are here to change that status quo to something a bit more befitting of the dignity of our faith. We work closely with manufacturers, vendors, and fulfillment centers to rework and rebrand existing toys or even think up and actualize entirely new ones that are 100% Islamic faith compliant.

We’re so keen on this wholesome, elevated image of mutual enjoyment that, with the exception of some descriptive text inserts and chaste imagery, is completely suitable for work.